Hi, My name is Ishan Arora, I'm a physical therapist. I love helping you get pain free so that you can easily perform activities of daily living, achieve complete functional independence and do the things that you enjoy doing the most through injury/pain specific rehab education.

I have seen many patients who have been treated towards their physical ailments by multiple physicians and physical therapists elsewhere but haven't been educated enough about their injuries which result in incomplete functional recovery and poor rehab outcomes.

Let me help you learn better about body functions so that you can move better!

If you have any questions related to pain, injury and functional performance, simply ask!



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I'm looking for pain solution and want to improve my health and fitness using evidence based rehab science.


I'm a physical therapist or healthcare practitioner and want to learn Evidence based proven tips and strategies to improve clients pain, and functional issues faster.


I'm an athlete and want to learn advanced training methods to stay injury free and enhance athletic performance.


I'm a fitness trainer and want to learn rehab science to improve strength and functional outcome of my clients by minizing training related injuries.


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Only 2-5% of the population truly understand the evidence based methods to stay injury free and perform daily functions optimally. Take the first step to learn about your body so that common myths and misconceptions about pain or injury don't hold you back to perform optimally!!


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